June 17, 2016

"Videos in German! Videos in German!"

Okay, okay, okay, I've heard you! :D I've received so many comments lately concerning the huge desire to get to see more videos in German on my channel.

Since DTTR is an international community I will not entirely switch to German videos, most of my videos will still be in English, but I figured that it wouldn't harm to upload a German video from time to time - with English subtitles of course, because the last thing I want is to exclude rabbits from my content. 

So stay tuned this upcoming Sunday, there will be a video in German on the channel: "10 Fakten ├╝ber mich" - 10 facts about me. I'll also tell you more about my future plans and explain some things concerning the "Why not more videos in German?!" issue. Hope to see you on Sunday!

April 23, 2016

Welcome to my website!

Hey rabbits!
Trixi here and welcome to my first very own website. Well, it's "only" a blog, but since I don't have enough time to use my lousy HTML programming skills creating a page myself this has to do for now!

On this page I'll keep you upated with all the news concerning my channel, my social media accounts and future projects. You can find out more about me, comment on my posts, write me an email, support me by sharing my content or even by becoming a patron.

Thank you a lot for your positive and encouraging feedback, you lovely messages and constructive criticism! Let's make the rabbit family grow uniting people from all over the world!


Hey there!
I'm Patricia, better known as Trixi from the YouTube channel DontTrustTheRabbit.

A quirky, cheesy, socially awkward language lover, gamer and hobby writer from Germany with a B.A. degree in psychology. Apart from YouTube I work in the browser game industry juggling with numbers and formulas to optimize the game experience.

On my channel DontTrustTheRabbit you can find various entertaining videos in English about languages, culture and society hitting up to 1,000,000 views - an innovative mix of education, philosophy, psychology and comedy spiced up with my charismatic (some say annoying) German accent.

How do the different German dialects sound? Which is the best way to learn a language? What are the benefits of being shy? Why is it so difficult to say sorry? And are the stereotypes about Germans true?

If these questions caught your attention and you are not already a subscriber, you should definitely check out my channel and become a rabbit yourself - not literally of course, but why am I even writing this?! If you'd be able to turn yourself into a rabbit you'd be a wizard! You'd have much better things to do than reading this page... anyways, that's not the point. :D

At the moment I'm uploading two videos per week, on Wednesday's and Sunday's at 6 pm CET, so it's 8 videos every month. What keeps me going is the encouraging feedback from my community and the lovely messages I receive every day.