June 17, 2016

"Videos in German! Videos in German!"

Okay, okay, okay, I've heard you! :D I've received so many comments lately concerning the huge desire to get to see more videos in German on my channel.

Since DTTR is an international community I will not entirely switch to German videos, most of my videos will still be in English, but I figured that it wouldn't harm to upload a German video from time to time - with English subtitles of course, because the last thing I want is to exclude rabbits from my content. 

So stay tuned this upcoming Sunday, there will be a video in German on the channel: "10 Fakten ├╝ber mich" - 10 facts about me. I'll also tell you more about my future plans and explain some things concerning the "Why not more videos in German?!" issue. Hope to see you on Sunday!

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